Local Content: Arflu, a brand that opens its doors to the world

Our Local Content plan allows to manufacture, market, or distribute the Arflu brand anywhere in the world in an agile and efficient manner


We participate in all phases providing our Know-How in the manufacture of valves and implementation of factories


With globalization, many countries have decided that to boost their economic growth and support local industries, foreign companies must manufacture their products in situ and work in the hand of a local partner. At Arflu we have been pioneers in implementing what we call Local Content, a program that allows us to manufacture, market and distribute our products throughout the world.

Local Content is aimed either at a partner from the own country who has a direct relationship with the world of valves, either by manufacturing them or carrying out a related activity, or at an investment partner who wants to set up a valve factory in his country because sees great business potential.

What is Local Content?

To begin with, we must be clear about the manufacturing process of an industrial valve and the factors that influence it:

  • Casting or raw material
  • Machining
  • Assembly
  • Testing and painting
  • Packaging

Each country and each bureaucratic system set the percentages that Arflu and its local partner must have at the different production phases. However, we always participate in all phases providing our Know-How in the manufacture of valves and implementation of factories,

Once we have a local partner, at Arflu we take care of designing the plant considering the capacity of each market.

Our team knows in detail all the local manufacturing programs in the countries in which we are present. For example, thanks to the fact that we have several factories in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, we know how the legal-political framework works in both countries and what steps need to be taken: ERIA e IKTVA.

Regarding quality criteria, at Arflu we implement our own quality management system. All our valves have passed the most restrictive audits and have the certifications and standards that mark the regulations of the country: our elaborate program allows us to apply and obtain the ISO and API certifications required by each country quickly and efficiently.

Why choose Arflu Brand?

What the Arflu brand offers, our high-quality products, our expertise of more than three decades and our Know-How, has positioned us as the leading company in the manufacture of industrial valves at a global level.

Nowadays, our products are approved in most countries in the world and we have 5 factories, Spain, India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and China. In addition, Arflu means confidence, which is why we are currently implementing our Local Content program in several countries.

Our experts know all the lines of financing that you can aim to work with the Arflu brand in your country. Contact us to set up a tailored plan.

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