ARFLU, more than 30 years committed to excellence

  • An own Engineering Department, a wide range of products and a global presence thanks to 4 production plants (Spain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and China). These are some of the strengths that explain our leadership in the manufacture of industrial valves

At ARFLU we have been manufacturing industrial valves for the petrochemical, gas, water, solar energy and marine services sectors for more than three decades. Since Fernando Arana founded the company in 1988 -heir to the entrepreneurial spirit of the metallurgical pioneers of Greater Bilbao-, we have not stopped improving the quality of our valves and growing, relying on values ​​and strengths that differentiate us from other competitors. and that explain our participation in the most important energy projects in the world. Some of those virtues that distinguish us are:


Our Engineering Department has a deep knowledge of all manufacturing difficulties (which is always a great advantage) and also has the best tools and technology to carry out its work. Thanks to the qualification of these professionals, we can offer a complete management service that includes the study and analysis of the projects, the preparation of the plans, the preparation of all the required documentation and the final start-up. So that our clients do not have to worry about anything.

The same engineers also work on perfecting and updating the valves, in a constant search for excellence that has already become a house brand.

Our special products (rising ball screw, double expansion plug, Globe Control valve and Axial Check valve) also provide added value to many of our customers, as does the commitment we maintain to R&D&i. Although the valves follow a very defined production protocol, they must be adapted to the specific needs of each project, and R&D is crucial here.

What type of valve do you need for your project? Download our catalog, take a look and, if you have any questions, contact us.


In order to be able to manufacture and market our industrial valves in every market in the world, we have had to pass the most demanding audits. The main certifications and approvals ratify our procedures and represent a guarantee for customers: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 15848-1, API 6D, API 600, API 607, CE, ATEX, TAT, SIL…

We have quality control mechanisms throughout the entire manufacturing process, at each stage. All our valves are inspected internally in accordance with international regulations.

This makes us very attractive to companies. In large projects, both Engineering and Construction companies value that a single manufacturer of industrial valves can supply everything they need. From the moment a client contacts us, we assign a professional to advise them and answer any questions. And once the purchase is made, we offer an after-sales and warranty service.

We have 4 strategically distributed production plants (Spain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and China; in total, more than 100,000 m2 of facilities), as well as 9 commercial offices and strategic partners around the world. All the factories have two different production lines, one for stainless steel and the other for carbon steel:

ARFLU SPAIN. Focused on special products.
ARFLU MT CO LTD (CHINA). More basic products.
ARFLU SAUDI ARAB. It supplies Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.
ARFLU INDONESIA. Southeast Asian market.

We usually say that we do not consider ourselves just a valve manufacturer, but rather that what we provide to companies are solutions for their processes. For this we have a great capacity for adaptation, as well as a solid and reliable methodology that we have been polishing over the years:

Order check.
Internal report of what should be manufactured.
Sending confirmation to the client that we are working on their order, as well as the documentation related to it.
Sending information about deadlines (updated from time to time), as well as possible setbacks or deviations.
Final inspections and delivery of material.
Satisfaction survey.

What type of industrial valve do you need? What does your project consist of? Contact us, we can surely help you.

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